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Chicken Kofta in walnut sauce

In Punjab on March 2, 2012 at 4:12 am

this is an incredible recipe. The sauce is based on chicken stock, which is quite unusual. This  helps to amplify the chicken taste to such a degree that the walnut sauce tastes just as “chickeny” is the actual Kofta. You have to try it.

Ingredients :

1 tsp garam masala powder

1/2 cup walnuts

6 cup chicken stock

8 green cardamoms

8 tblsp fresh cream

1.600 kg chicken (minced)

4 tblsp garlic paste

2 tsp cumin powder

sal t to taste

3 tblsp oil

8 tblsp tomato paste

6 green chillies

2 tsp red chilli powder

4 tblsp ginger paste

4 medium onions



mix the chicken mince, chili powder, cumin powder, garam masala, and salt.

Decide into equal lemons size  portions.

Boil the chicken stock with the crushed green cardamons , and add the chicken balls. Cook on low heat until the stock is almost completely evaporated.

 In a separate pot . Boil the walnuts in 1 cup of water for 1 min. let the walnuts sit and the hot water for 5 min. . Take the walnuts out and grind them into a paste, discarding of the boiling water. This would remove the all bitterness from the walnuts.

Boil the sliced onions in just enough water to cover them for 15 min.

grind onions to a paste.

Heat the oil on high flame to smoking point. Add the onion paste and stirfry for 10 min. on medium flame. Mix in the Ginger, garlic, and chopped green chilies. Stir Fry for 5 min. Mix in the tomato paste. Stir and add the walnuts paste. Lower the heat and stirfry for 1 min., then add the cream while stirring continuously. Add all the remaining liquid from the cooked Koftas, and stir well. Add the salt and the Koftas.